Brother, Brother


Playground Production Studio

Recently we were pleased to pick up sponsorship with Playground Production Recording & Recording Studio, an incredible studio located in Historic Irvington. Tonight we had the honor to sit and talk with our new friend, owner/operator of the Playground, and diversely musically talented, Adam Riviere. Such a pleasure to meet someone doing so much and giving so much to the community through music and art. Tune in and learn more about Adam and his amazing studio and all it has to offer. It's so much more than a recording studio. It's a living community playground offing musical instruction on a wide range of international styles, spaces for artists to hold events and functions, dance and theater rehearsals, as well as live performances. It's a bit mind boggling to see all the instruments available that Adam plays and uses for instruction. We don't think there is an instrument made that Adam can't master. He is truly a prodigy . . .and just a hell of a nice guy.