Brother, Brother


Barbacoa Jones


Thrifty Thrills

Crème de les Femmes has been seducing Indianapolis since 2008 with their stunning performers and alluring performances. Beautiful, sexy, sensuous, provocative, and arousing are just a handful of attributes that come to mind when speaking about the alluring members of les Femmes. Add horrifying and libidinous along with a killer mustache and you then have one Barbacoa Jones. A performance by Barbacoa is one you won’t soon forget. . . nor be able to look away. You may need to seek professional help afterwards, however. But when you see Barbacoa in a Crème line-up for a show, you know you’ll be in for a fascinating, bizarre ride. Not only is he a brilliant performer, but he is a talented producer as well.

Joining him in this episode with Johnny and Brendan is the lovely Scarlett Nopantson who will be performing in Barbacoa's upcoming benefit production of Thrifty Thrills, a special show for a great cause.