Brother, Brother


"Downward Ageification" - Jenee Michelle

Sitting down with Johnny & Brendan this week is Jenee Michelle of PUR / The Company and Todd Foreman of TJF Photography.

These two are the perfect "power couple for life". Interesting, funny, caring, intriguing and extremely passionate with everything they do and are. Very hard not to be drawn to this energy.

Todd has several businesses on top of his photography, which in itself is hugely time consuming. And Jenee has several enterprises under the PUR label. Jenee, The Provocateur, certainly has her hands full. And it seems she wouldn't have it any other way.

To be honest, we thought we were sitting down with a beautiful, ex-Vegas showgirl / model and a photographer with a great eye. What we found in these two was so much more. Very happy to now be in a sponsorship deal with them...extremely happy to call them friends.

Jenee Michelle

of PUR / The Company

& Todd Foreman

of TJF Photography