Brother, Brother



Part 2 of 2

Part 1 of 2

In this 2 part episode, Johnny & Brendan are joined by friends of the show...Jim & Donny of The Dead Squirrels, who completely stole the show. The Squirrels, already sponsored by PBR,  joined Matt Martz in the studio. Matt is our PBR rep, and wanted to meet the boys from Brother Brother. Yes, this was the night it all went down.

* Disclaimer ...Now to be honest, this was not the first Brother Brother episode we recorded that day, everyone knows we partake of a few adult beverages while recording.... And Jim, Donny and Matt had spent a couple of hours at the bar waiting on their time slot for that day. So, starting out several sheets into the wind...this is more of a, After Dark episode and run without commercials.

Squirrel Time with Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer