Brother, Brother


Make no mistake about it. Brother Brother LOVES ‚ÄčThe Rocket Doll Revue. Every single one of the ladies and every single thing they do. So it's always a thrill for us to help them with a little promotion for an event. And each event the produce is truly amazing. Each artist pours their heart into each act. Every time. And the passion shows. Not only in the act but in the audience as well. The new show looks to be a perfect fit for what the Dolls do best.


A Burlesque Tribute to the Seventies

Frenchy LaRouge and Phyllis Thriller from the Rocket Doll Revue join Johnny & Brendan in this episode to discuss the April 17th & 18th event. And, of course, talk about our love for the Dolls.

A Burlesque Tribute to the 70's