Brother, Brother


Get your gear ready, the portals are working overtime bringing guests to the historic Columbia Club in the center of downtown Indianapolis for the Circle City Aerodrome's Feb 13-15 event, Steampunk Through The Looking Glass.

Maria Meschi was Madame Belle's escort into the interview with Johnny & Brendan. This was our first sit down with Belle Breeze, and we were not disappointed. The style, class and humor that she brings as a host to an Angel Burlesque show is exactly how she is in person. Our love for Maria began long ago, and under different names, and to us she is still an angel.

In this episode we learned a little about steampunk, a lot about the event weekend and a few things about ourselves. Scary, I know.

steampunk through the looking glass    ~feb 13-15 2014~

Circle City Aerodrome