Ah, Katie Angel. What can we say about the founder of the Indianapolis based, award winning burlesque troop, Angel Burlesque? Quite simply...."we adore her".

Stunningly beautiful, inside and out, this lady is every man's dream girl. If you think about it. And most of the mid west has, as Katie and Angel Burlesque have entertained, enlightened, enthralled, energized, and even engaged, (wow...that's a lot of E's) live audiences all over the region. Even nation wide.

Her shows are addicting, kind of like a certain brand of potato chip...where you can't do just one. I wonder if her shows have ever been compared to chips? Hmmm.

This is a labor of love for Katie. For all the girls and guys (yes there are some guys). And it shows, the energy and passion that they put into the shows truly does justice to this art form.

Joining us on this show is Lori Noud, an amazing photographer who brought her own entourage. The 86th St. Pub lit up, with these beautiful ladies in the room. We certainly had an audience for this episode.

Katie Angel


Angel Burlesque

Brother, Brother