Brother, Brother


Amy Ward is an artist. Amy is also a tireless advocator of the arts. And what we've learned of late, she is an amazing curator.

5547 Bonna Avenue in Indianapolis, some very interesting things are happening. An old garage turned into one of Indy's hottest new local arts galleries. Yea, true story. Local art displays, open mic nights, comedians, live music and a coffee shop? Yes, that's what's going on at 5547 Bonna Avenue. 

Known as The 5547 Project, this new gallery is drawing a lot of attention. And Amy Ward is a big reason for this. A veteran of Oranje and RAW , Amy is spending all her time and talent to create a new success. One visit to The 5547 Project and you'll see that she has already gotten the job done.

Joining Johnny & Brendan for this episode, Amy brought two local artists. Jim Arnoldt and Amanda Keller. Both very interesting, talented artists.

Special thanks to Brother Brother past guest, and 5547 Project guest musician Jeff Kelly for the use of his original song "Blizzard".

5547 Project