Brother, Brother


Sam Ash is not only one of our sponsors. They become close friends. Needless to say we are very proud of a lot they have going on. Such as the very successful Ash Rock program.

Ash Rock, in very simple terms is a music school. Of sorts. And of course they form bands within the pool of students.The youth group is ages 9 to 19. And that is who we had the pleasure of seeing this week at an all day event.

When we found out that Ash Rock was run by world known Preston and Rocky Nash we knew it was going to be pretty cool. Once we heard the bands, we were blown away. Each one as good as the next. On this day were kids ranging from 14 to 19 and were amazing for the time they've been playing. Preston and Rocky Nash know exactly what they are doing.

Jamie Jackson, GM of Sam Ash loves the local music scene just like we do. One thing he said at this event, "These guys are going to own the Indianapolis music scene in a few years." 

Yea. Yea, we're good with that.

Ash Rock