Brother, Brother


Everyone in central Indiana has seen or heard of Nuvo.

"Barfly" has certainly been one of the most popular pieces in the publication. Wayne "Barfly" Bertsch is the talent behind "Barfly", a short comic style strip that focuses on or promotes a local artist, event or venue. One of the many cool things about Bertsch is that he is all about local. Shop, eat, drink, enjoy and spend local. Which is certainly what Indianapolis needs more of. There is an never ending amount of local talent that needs to be explored and enjoyed on all levels. Such as Wayne Bertsch.

His craft takes his past the pages on Nuvo. He has art pieces in several galleries, and been a part of numerous shows. Locally. Speaking of shows, Barfly is also a music  promoter. One night shows and annual events. Local, of course. 

Which is to say, the local music scene as well as the art scene has a great friend and ally in Wayne "Barfly" Bertsch. We're lucky to have him.

Wayne "Barfly" Bertsch