Brother, Brother


We love this lady.

"Desda "Mae Q" Moana has been thrilling audiences around the country with her unique brand of sultry burlesque, backed by her 'legit' background in film acting and a degree in professional theater. 

A founding member of Angel Burlesque, she is now flying solo and loving every minute.  She has been at festivals such as the Show Me Burlesque Festival in St. Louis, The Minneapolis Burlesque Festival, Windy City Festival and the Fierce International Queer Burlesque Festival. She also makes regular appearances with the Glitter Guild, a "nerdlesque" group based in Chicago that features performers from around the country, sharing her love of all that is Fangirl Geekdom. 

She is most at home doing quirky pop culture and horror genre burlesque, but also dazzles onstage as the Venus Di Milo or in a traditional boa or fan performance. The Geeks freaking love her, but chances are good your momma won't."

That's her bio. 

There is so much more to this lady.

And we love burlesque and burlesque dancers. 

We love the illusion that the characters are real. On stage, under the lights, Desda will make you fall in love with her show. After sitting with her while doing this show, we got to know the lady behind the 'Desda'. And her heart and personality will make you love her even more. She shines just as bright while not in the spotlight. 

Yea, we really love this lady.

Desda "Mae Q "Moana