Brother, Brother


Indy Annies :

Indianapolis' only all-female country band, the Indy Annies cover the classic from Patsy to Dolly and today's hits from Kacey to Carrie - and everyone in between. They don't exclusively cover females though! In their repertoire, you'll hear songs by Johnny Cash, Chris Stapleton, Brooks & Dunn, and more! Whether you're a fan of classic, modern, 90s, bluegrass, outlaw, or rockin' country, they've got you covered. With several vocalists in the band, you'll hear every gal's unique sound as they sing lead in addition to some great 3 to 4 part harmonies!

The Foxes :

This three-piece family band plays everything from Johnny Cash to Britney Spears and The Beatles to TLC. Brothers Erik and Ryan have been playing together for two decades, but Breezey's commanding vocals and stage presence bring the show to life. All three have toured across the country in both supporting and headlining acts, but stay true to their Hoosier roots and the songs that raised them. 

Yea, this IS Breezey Fox. An amazing interview! Rita Keith and Mickey Goode were given props. As well as dozens of other musicians. Check out the show, co hosted by Mandy Montgomery and housed at what is quickly becoming a new favorite spot..The LA Cafe.

Lead Singer ~ Breezy Fox