Brother, Brother


"Joe Gibson had a vision of creating a band that would be just as much fun to listen to as it was to play in. So on July 4, 2013 Spontaneous Combustion was born. We are five guys who love to ROCK ! We are a Danville based band with members residing in Danville, and the surrounding area. Playing primarily Classic Rock with a mix of Country, and original music. Our main objective is for those who hear us play have just as much fun listening to the music as we are playing it. We are a band that is out there to have fun and put our little spin on things. Our main goal is to entertain our friends (we hate the word "fans"), give them good music they can party with us to, sing along, and dance. " That's what the page says about them. Personally, I think these guys are great talents. Put on an amazing show and are great to party with. What else can you ask for in a band?

Spontaneous Combustion Band