Brother, Brother

Zene  (/ˈzɛnɛ/)


"A trio with Hungarian, Mexican, and German ancestry mixing up a unique approach to old and new songs. Zene creates pop music with hints of rock, latin & country. We also perform covers of old & new music in the genres of pop, pop rock, dance, latin, jazz & country.​We bring you uplifting music -
Music that helps you feel happy, confident, romantic, enjoy today...and most importantly, share the Joy music brings to us with you.
Band Members: Claudia Varga, Curtis Gahimer, Rafael Perez"

Extremely talented musicians and simply amazing people. Rafael and Claudia joined us for an episode to talk about the new single and recording. It's always a great time when these guys get together. We're excited to see what coming next. Recorded below the soft romantic hum of the White Stallion Bistro.