Brother, Brother


Apologies to all involved. Here on Brother Brother Beer Cast we "Bank" episodes a lot. This is just one show in the JL Media Today line up. To save recording time, we set up and record several episodes in  row for later release. We do partake of adult beverages on some of the episodes. On those days we can find ourselves six hours in to a recording / drinking session. By the last episode, everything seems fine, then you start talking.  And you never notice the sound issue. Not my best day, but it is what it is. This happened. It's full montage of topics. Nick Hinton made some boring, flavorless, snacks delicious. Jennifer Bartlett Phelps is an amazing boudoir photography and a complete sweetheart. And Andrew Ursprung is letting you where all the cool things are happening and promoting for your events. On Instagram? Check out "Thursday's Are For Her".

And Johnny? Johnny was well into the day.

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