Gwen Sunkel is an absolute delight. Beautiful, intelligent, talented. warm hearted and of course...hilarious. The last of which explains her success as a comedian. Gwen is joined in this episode by the lovely Kitty Cattilac. Not only PBR and laughs did we share...a lot of love and shout outs to some local celebrities such as Desiree De Carlo (sigh), Patsy Blue Ribbon, Trini Bikeynee, Gurl Haggard and the Rocket Doll Revue. The White Rabbit Cabaret, The Alley Cat Front Room, Morty's Comedy Joint and The 10 at 10. Corey EwingPepper Mills, Bunny Van Doren, Vanitas DeMonde, Racheal Schweback and of course Wayne King.


Brother, Brother

Gwen Sunkel