Brother, Brother

The Ghostman & Demon Hunter Show

"Shaun Burris and Nathan Schoonover are the hosts of The Ghostman & Demon Hunter Show. Started in 2007, for the last three years The G&D Show has been named among the Top Ten Paranormal Broadcasts on Haunted America Tours—and has gained a large American and international fan base. 
In 2009, A&E produced a two-night special about these investigator/entertainers called Extreme Paranormal. They have been featured in TV Specials, on countless radio shows, newspapers, magazine articles and The Everything Ghost Hunting Book. We are ready to entertain you."

Shaun Burris joins Johnny & Brendan in this episode for a behind the scenes look at one of our new favorite shows. Ghosts, demons, UFO's, Bigfoot....just to name a few.....Ghostman & Demon Hunter cover all topics, and with a side of humor the show never fails to inform and entertain. Guest range from well known actors and writers to everyday people with amazing stories to tell. Such as a fight to the death with an alien being. Yea, exactly. Very cool. Check them out here and live every Sunday night.


Shaun Burris of