Brother, Brother


"McHalo releases their debut album, Prison of Belief, Saturday February 27, 2016 with a party at Grove Haus, in Fountain Square (Indy). The event is sponsored in part by Arthur’s Music Store & Flat 12 Bierworks, and also features Mike Boo, Cosmic Preachers, and Yogi (Minute Details). There will be multiple local musicians sitting in and jamming throughout the evening. 
Recorded in and around Indianapolis, over the past couple seasons, the album features nine songs. Guests include Ben Jarvis (Audiodacity), Caleb Spicer (Minute Details), Mina Keohane (The Wondrous Flying Machine, Sarah Grain & the Billions of Stars, Brandon Whyde & the Devil’s Keep), Gabriel Harley, and Holly Garett (Cosmic Preachers).  
 Debuting May 30th, 2015 at the Coal Yard Music Festival, in Irvington (Indy), McHalo is a foundation of solid musicianship, a willingness to take risk, and a drive to create & improvise. Grant McClintock (voice, mandolin, guitar), Kayla Sanders (voice, guitar, percussion) & Brian Haan (voice, percussion, guitar & mandolin) produce a sound rooted in acoustic instruments, but not limited to a sole genre. They incorporate elements of folk, blues, reggae, rap, rock, pop, country & jam. Local visual artist & music promoter legend Wayne Bertsch calls them “nerdgrasscore”, a term which he coined himself." - McHalo

Grant McClintock,  Kayla Sanders and  Brian Haan are the perfect fit for a very interesting sound that is, for lack of a better word....McHalo. Always a great time when you sit down with these 3 over a few PBRs and talk music and life. 


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