Brother, Brother

Kansas Bible Company

"The Kansas Bible Company is a psychedelic rock and roll band with brass. "KBC" combines heavy guitar, propulsive horn lines and poppy melodies in a genre bending mélange that produces sounds both new and familiar. The seven piece resides in Nashville, TN. Their upcoming record, Paper Moon, is their boldest project yet."

The "Bible Boys" sat down with Johnny & Brendan for a few beers at Claude & Annie's. Getting to know these guys was as interesting as the new album, yea...we became fans. On the road more than not, these boys are living the working / touring band dream. Not always a great thing but never boring. The music is as energetic as the lyrics are emotional. The flow and how well the talent of each artist meshes with the other is extremely prominent in the life stage show. In a bar of 10 or a venue of 1000, the stage presence is where they really showcase the special sound with which they are gifted. Always an amazing show. Check 'em out here and learn what we did. These are some bad boys.