Brother, Brother


Ryan Gibbons is connected deep in the local music scene. He knows people, he can get things done. He's doing things. Cross him and you'll find yourself 'sleepin with the fishes'. Wait, what?


Ryan is quite simply a good dude who'll do anything to help ya out, or to get ahead. And he is a man with opinions. Most of which we agree with. And he'll let you know, great thing about him, you'll always know where ya stand with this guy. Kinda rare these days.

A loyal part of everyone's favorite music store, a very talented engineer who more than knows his way around a stage, Ryan is great to just sit back, open a few beers, and hang out.

With the better part of 3 hours recorded, we are releasing just 30 in this first show.  More to come.
"We got of topic", let's just say that, yea, that'll work.

**World Exclusive in this episode. A snippet of the never before heard, new single from Thursday Book Club. That's right kids, you're hearing it right here first.

Ryan Gibbons

Sam Ash / Shine Studios / Thursday Book Club